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ummm HI?

......49 out of 50 on acting final, YES YES YES, danielle we were awesome!!! We had to act out a scence from a play and we NAILED IT!! we were so good, ive never been happier with a preformance I have done! He said the only reason we didn't get 50 is cause he was totally impressed but he said we did extremely well and I just need to work on my tone a little but YES! okay now alls I have to see is the results from math...Jeeze

Tomorrow I have to babysitt...lemme think...5 kids...someone help me!!!

I really need to get in shape for soccer man, dude i haven't ran for a long period of time in a while, im getting SLOOWWWWW my stamina right now is like ZILCH

pst, what else should i say?

my orange shoes are fading, that kinda ticts me off cause they are a dull orange

well thats all i have to say, i guess nothing interesting has gone on so ta ta
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