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...........SHIT SHIT SHIT, alright get this, i took algebra 1 over again cause i thought it would be better so i could get an A instead of a D like last year, well get this, im DOING WORSE THAN I WS LAST YEAR!! see i had an A all last year but then we had a sub the last like 2 months and everything went downhill and i got a D, well now i had a B for a while and then it went down to a C- and i cant get it up to a B, and in order to get it to a B for the semeseter, i have to get 52 out of 60 on the test, AHHHHH my mom's not only freaking but so am i cause i feel stupid!!, maybe i fucking am, who knows....whatever

I get out at 12:35 all week, YES YES YES

Stepho came over on sunday, we got in a huge fight with tyler, I won cause he ran out of comments, face it tyler im a better verbal fighter than you'll ever be! heh im good

me and kevin are talking again, dude ivette we do act know eh? jeeze weird I STILL THINK THAT MAN....dude i do hahaha i hope not, but i think we will anyways

i think thats pretty much all I have to say cause i dont feel like typing and typing and typing so ellatero
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