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Bitches, yeah BITCHES, thats what I said

...I think im becoming obsessed with the word bitch, i use it a lot haha, i dunno...any ways

I puts pictures of myself in my profile, God im ugly... i spent like the entire day putting pics of me and my friends, i only have 2 of me, and they dont even really look like me, weird eh? well they were from 2 years ago, but im still ugly...anyways ill find some more to put in there later

I miss the old days

What would life be like if i didnt go through some of the stuff that i did? what if i never met any of the people iknow now? where would i be? what if i was born a year before i was, or a year after, would everything still be the same? life makes you wonder sometimes, i like to sit and ponder it, but it never gets you anywhere, i feel like just flowing right now, if you know what i mean, so im just going to type, im not going to comprehend or think about it, im just gonna flow

sometimes things dont turn out, the world flips over to a different side, a side you do not know, what does that mean for you? are you lost? does it pass you by as if you arent there? one day the feelings lurking inside your body clenching your soul, will disapear and you will be set free, or will you? does everything happen for a reason? sometimes you find yourself circling around in your head, never stopping for a second, but is that just a waist of time? does your body intend to do the things it does? are we all captured by a supernatural being? on the days you feel like crying tears of blood to watch the pain slip away, will it really help? Does anything really help you?

In the darkness i hear you call
I try as I might, but I always fall
Hear the blood drip drop from yourself
Deception is the key to everything
Your mascara will always bleed for happiness is gone
Your own soul wants to leave you all your pros and cons
The sharpest tool cuts the least
The deepest emotion declares defeat
You will never see around the world
In your life, a simple blur
Misunderstandings go the wrong way
Darkness is the new day today
Watching you, telling your story with their eyes
They dont know, its all their lies
Dont belive, they'll all decieve you
They think they know you
In reality you don't know do you?
Place the emotions aside
Look up, say Good Bye
Give into him, he strives on your pain
Afterall, theres nothing to gain
Take it, hear the cries
Lost in a world of deception and lies
Is it really gone you ask yourself
Moistness finds its way, never seeing the light of day

Alright, i know thats kinda weird and didnt make sense, but i feel better now, i like to flow like that, if you know what i mean, half the time, idont even know what im typig till after i read it, its really weird...almost christmas, i dont even know what day it is lol well i have nothing to say, so later
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