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  • Music: we go again, well Take my radio and bathe bitch too nice to people, i can't help but think, was kevin right once again? God his words will haunt me for life, i know thats what he wants too, he gets so much pleasure out of other people, its scary, i really want to IM him but then i dont because then that would just prove his point, im just too freaking nice, i just want to say "hey merry xmas" and thats it, but i cant do it, im forcing myself not too, i wont this time, i know im stronger than my wants lol i sound like a freaking heroin addict or something..which reminds me

Dont read the book "smack" its stupid!, it didnt end a way i wanted too, i mean it was kind of a good edning, but God, it could have been better

Courtney love is good, ilike her singing a lot, i dunno why, one day i just clicked on one of her songs, and then i fell in love with her music

im depressed right now,i dont know why, im so easily emotionalized i guess you can say, im probably an emo kid haha whatever

ivette i opened your present since you already told me what it was, you're still my besterest friend too, well you and Anna and Danielle, and Deena and Alex and so many more lmao but it does sck that we dont hang as much but atleast we did!!, dude if you do my xanga. i want it like orange and black or red and black or grey and black, you choose haha, but yeah, dude hb will NEVER END, he will haunt us untill we die, kinda like kevin will haunt me forever, that WHORE gosh, no that was mean and uncalled for lmao, kevin was cool, but he kinda threw his "coolness" away in my book, he just i dunno was an ass to me, he will never change but enough about that, you will get over HB eventually, but it will haunt you forever, sadly thats the truth
anyways, life goes on for the most part, we should hang more, seriously, your absent is liek WOAH haha last year was better i think, except the guys were uglier, but we had everyone there, and we were all just together you know? god im killing myself writing this, how freaking cheesy am i? dude, what the heck is wrong with me today? AHHHHHH help me!!!, well i see my councelor very soon, so its okin fact, when do i see my councelor...brb let me go checkthe 27th, woo good, i need it, seriously, im falling apart well emotionally

anyways, i stole annas little men, heh, sorry anna,i have your gift for the bazlillionth time,ithink i keep telling you so maybe you will think of some way of me getting it to you because i dont know LMAO maybe i should like drop it off in your mailbox or soemthing, same with yours ivettes and mayeb steph-o's, who knows sheesh, i duno how im gonna get nick his birthday pres, sheesh how depressing well...

....i think thats all i have for now so yeah later people
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