Tiffany AKA Tiffo (shamefullfears) wrote,
Tiffany AKA Tiffo

stupid other LJ wont WORK

my other one isnt working so im posting here untillt he other one does

well some dude got shot and died adn im not exactly sure who he is but its kinda sad you know? i know some people who know him and they were all sad and crying and im just like "who was this guy?" i heard about it way before a lot of people so when people started talking about it, i wasnt surprised but then i was like "i wish i knew what he looked like atleast" but yeah

Progress Report- A in PE C in english B in spanish A in acting C in science C+ (almost a B) in math and B in academic literacy

if you ask me, thats lame

its been nice weather lately, i mean its cold but hot and i love wearing shorts cause its the closest thing to being naked i can get to without being arrested. Robert and Me are gonna come to school on the last day naked, we might wear leaves or something haha but all the clothing im gonna wear is shoes, thats it, and maybe leaves, and robert might wear a tank top and thats it. but yeah that will be on the very last day of highschool. i think we're really gonna do it, i want to, i stil have to come in my bathring suit and take a shower hahahaha

i might be goiong to golden hills church soon, bleh i dunno, well im gona go bye
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