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i'm so sick of feeling like this, its like just out of nowhere my emotions catch up with me, i feel lonely yet there are peaple around. Yeah iknow im probably just complaining and feeling sorry for myself, dont read if you dont want, dont listen, im usedto it. The thing is though, not many people connect on my level, everyone is so happy and everythign and so am i most of the time but what are these random feelings of crap? why do i feel like i could just cry at any moment, burst into tears, break a window? days go by and i dont even know who i am. how do people see me? do they even know im there? yeah i have my friends but i cant help but think maybe im just there to make their crowed look bigger. Now don't get me wrong im a very social person and i have many friends but its like they are distant and theres only a few who you can really talk to.Theres this guy i even started taking interest in, i mean we talked and stuff and we were cool but i dunno, it seems like he doesnt care, THATS HOWIT ALWAYS START, they care and then they lose interest. What is so wrong with me? why can't i get a boyfriend? Why cant i be cool with myparents? why cant i relate to my friends? why wont this emotional roller coaster stop....ive never felt this way, all last year i couldnt wait to be where i am, well now i want to go back to where i was, back to a different day..i know many of you probably just think im a pathetic loser who feeds off sympathy but im not, thats allni have to say for now..
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