Tiffany AKA Tiffo (shamefullfears) wrote,
Tiffany AKA Tiffo

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got my report card.......3 A's and 4 B's, im happy and all but i would settle for better, nyeh oh well, i tried....
i think im becoming insomniac, like very slowely though..i cant seem to sleep at all, i go to bed (on weekdays) around 9:30 10 and then i wake up and 3 in themorning and dont fall back asleep and on weekends i go to bed around 1 and then i wake up at 5!!! jeeze im so tired, yet IM always hyper, well except when it comes to people i dont talk to that much, like if i talk to them on the phone...i become un hyper and not quite sure what to say but that some of you may know what im talking about well nothing really to say, laterdays
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