Tiffany AKA Tiffo (shamefullfears) wrote,
Tiffany AKA Tiffo


im in a bad mood, i dunno why, nothing even really happened...well i dunno the brats wouldnt let me on the computer god, i hate know i have absoulutley no trust now for my dad or tamie anymore, see im pretty sure tami got the link to my LJ through my SN cause it was there for special reasons, dont ask. So i think she has been reading it and she must have seen that little coment about my da dhaving a stick up his arse and showed it to him. Well itsokay it is a open journal for the hole internet to see but the fact is that he shouldnt get all tict about it, i mean it was my personal thoughts right? its so annoying i mean the only reason that i write in here is so they dont read the one i write in thats in my room, i just cant get away can i? i mean theres really no difference between reading this one and the one i actually right in! and he says that its disrespectfull, well it is but i was venting, i was expressing how i feel, parents are hipocrits i swear! and all this talk about "you need to let your emotions out and stop bottleing them up" WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK I WAS DOING? purposly saying that for no reason? i feel like crap right now, i really do, i dont want to be here, i want to be off somewhere i feel like i need to freaking cry or something jeeze. i dont feel like using paragraphs right now, get over it. People make me mad, they really do i mean look at them, a lot of people think they are better than this person or better than that person, its a bunch of CRAP. Math......shut up, it sucks DIE DIE gona vent fill free to read on but it probably wont make sense

if they said it to you would you feel the way i do?
would you care to share the feelings you feel?
everything happens for a reason or so they say
who can guarantee ill make it another day
the words they say go in and out of my mind
i dont care what they say who they want to find
yeah ryming sucks but i dont care
sit around with my music watch the world with a glare
everyday everynight it goes by so fast
never ever will i forget the past
the blood stained future is ahead
pretty soon ill be old, maybe ill be dead
will we survive the rest of our lives?
look in their eyes, see what they see
nothing not an image of thee
they see the outside but not within
you look alright happy and smiling to them
no one can ever manage up to the level of feelings you have
i could care less about you about them, everything i had
down the drain it falls, sleeping through my hands
i try to reach out and grab it and pull it back
grip is something that i lack
on and on this goes

here i go again traveling the world of sin and i dont really care. everything you said to me is a bunch of crap, ill never forgive you justwalk away and forget it, dont talk to me i dont need your sympathy. id like to cut my eyelids and watch the insides bleed but thats something thatll never happen, whatever. just go and go on and on about your own life who cared about anything else, i hate you, i really do. who am i implying this to? WHO THE HELL KNOWS? i dont just rambeling my thoughts going a mile a minute, i dont even know what im typing, im not looking at the keyboard , im watching the screen and seeing the words go by one by one, i cant control what letter gets typed next, do you believe this? or do you think im making up like the rest of the world?

In the end it doesnt matter

//////// allright i know that didnt make sense but i jut needed to let everything go, its a bunch of crap and isnt directed towards anyone in particular..thanks

_ Me_
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