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...*thinks* well today was kinda interesting, we are learning mythology nowin English so we took a pretest so she could see how much we knew about it before we begun, heh well lets just say that i did so well that i named eacho memeber of green day atleast once for an answer haha "who was the god of the underworld" my answer- Billie Joe haha, wellididnt use his name for that question but it was some weird question like that, very interesting eh? i only got like 2 right lmao

I think my and cristina should buy tons of poptarts and just bring them to school everyday, we can be the poptart kids. haha jk

I have to ask my el padre if i can go to improv on friday, jeeze i dunno, hopefully he'll let me, i swear sometimes i wanna hire someone to pull the stick out of his ass and beat him with it haha

for some reason, lately ive been listening to my music and relating songs to almost eeryone i know, like ill be listening and ill start thinking about one specific person, ive never really done tht before but its cool

dude i still want my freaking chicken noodle soup, i WILL get it haha its like my goal in life, well not really.....if i become quote un quote "sick" will somebody buy me some? lol

well nothiong else to talk abotu...sara dont make fun of me!!!! ;-P lol later
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