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hey hey OLE

Hey peoples,whats been el shaking? errr i got mostly B's for my grades, i guess i should be happy but im kinda not i mean in middle school i always got A's and ONE B so i never had a 4.0 or anything but i dont want all B's.....its so annoying but i should be happy i guess i mean im not failing right? jeeze, i dunno....

stepho and nick are so cute together, Im happy for you guys!!!

Christo, love the hair man! how many people asked you "did you die your hair?" haha thats so funny.....WHY are the broad movements devorced? they cant be!! they are liek GLUE..egh hmmm looks like they still have our PE period though, kinda shnazzy i plan to have many more funny accurances 2nd semester!

Anna, did you read the notebook? haha dude we should hell of talk in there more cause we dont get much time for US to just talk, i mean heh we are best friends and we dont even really talk, well we do but yeah, we need DEPTH in our talkings LMAO im such a loser but yeah luv ya chick! (errr not like that)

So i dont really know what else to write in here, remember the days when i had this HUGE long paragraph filled with useless crap? well i cant seem to write about anything like tht anymore, and i use multiple paragraghs. HEY i used a period...i dont fancy those to well but if it makes the paragraph make more sense then hey why not?...maybe ineed to spend some more time in English, who knows...

i feel like i dunno im SOOO hyper right now just liek out of nowhere, its weird, kinda but yeah i dunno i didnt have any coffee.......or did i and do i just not remmeber? whatever

drastic mood swings, i got from hyper to not in like 0.2 seconds haha maybe not that fast but you get me well later people..

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