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psh psh psh

Hey peoples. nothing mucho here, if you didnt notice, that hate letter didnt really go over to well, he didnt care, as i figured, i guess thats his problem right? anyways

I was gonna try out for the musical at school but um yeah i dont sing that well so im not

that stupid air hockey table is in my room, its annoying cause the kids and everyone are in there, uggghhh its annoying its only temporary now, im gonna cry, not really, im such an emo kid sometimes, what can i say?

hmmmmmm what else? not much really.......HI how are you? great, nice to meet you, LETS FLY TO maybe not
Im in a really good mood today
()() AHHHHHH okay, i duno what that is, im kind of hyper, hmmmmmmmmmmm i want soup, yes chicken noodle soup, right now but i dont have any, i have super comfy PJs on,they are soo comfy, and theres room for another person to come in, haha jk isnt that spiffy?

anyways, thats all i really have to say, i like being in a good mood, but i like being tict even more sometimes, too bad i dont have kevin around for that anymore, oh well its for the betteer, Bible- never let the sun go down when you are angry. You know, if someone makes you angry, the other person has won sp um yeah HI, I WIN
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