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well our vacation slowely comes to an end...GRRRR, i hate traditional schooling, it was way better with Year Around, we would go to school for 3 months and then be off school for a month, go to schoool for 3 months, be off for a month, we did that liek 3 times, we would get most of july and auggust off for summer, yeah its not 3 months, but who wants to wait that long for a break?? MY BRAIN IS FRYING HERE, i cant take soo much school jeeze! Good thing i really only have 3 more years of standard schooling, heh when im in collage, maybe i wont have to go to school EVERYDAY at 8 in the freaking can wish

People are totally oblivious, i dont get it....

Im copying this from cristina, cause i think i said i would when i answerd it SO DO THIS NOW

() go out with me?
() give me your number?
() have sex with me?
() let me kiss you?
() watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one?
() let me take you out to dinner?
() drive me somewhere/anywhere?
() take a shower with me?
() be my bf/gf?
() have a fling with me?
() listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
() buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
() take me home for the night?
() would you let me sleep in your bed?
() sing car kareoke w/ me?
() sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
() re-post this for me to answer your questions?
() let me give you a piggyback ride?
() come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?


a VERY long quiz

Created by xblondeebabi142x and taken 38 times on bzoink!

first nameTiffany
middle nameAlisa...thats UH lisa not Alyssa
last nameMcClelland
were u named after n-e onemy mom's best friend Alisa
nickname(s)Tiffo, Jimmy, Laurdes, Tifferoonie, Tiff, Tiffy, Tiffers, Tiff Bloaf
age and birthdate14. May 9th
zodiac signTaurus
hair colorbrown iwth natural blonde highlights
hair lengthto the middle of my back
height5'7 or 5'8 not sure
weight (optional)i acutally do not know
eye colorblue
glasses or contactsglasses for reading
do you have n-e peircingstwo, in my ears, i shall get more
do u have n-e tattoosnot yet
lefty/righty/ambidextriousambidextrous, kinda, long story
do u have n-e obsessionsmaybe...
n-e addictions?not that i know of
can u speak another languagedoes pig latin count?
::x::lOvE <3::x::
do you have a b/f-g/f...
if so whats the lucky girl/boy's name?more ..... dots
do u have a crushyesh of course
if so, whats his/her name.... LOOK OVER THERE>>>
does he/she kno that u like him/hernopeness
have u ever kissed somebodyyou jsut had to rbing that up...NO okay, sue me
o0o who did u lock lips wit....RUB IT IN LOSER
when was ur last b/f - g/flike 2 months ago
who was ur last g/f - b/f...someone
how long did it lastless than 24 hours HAHA
who do u live withEven time with mom and dad
whats ur moms nameronda
whats ur dads namerodney
do u have n-e siblingsyesh
how many11...long story, i dont have any full siblings
whats their age(s)1,3,4,6,8,9,9,10,10,24,30
whats their name(s)jack, marissa, katelyn, katelyn (yes theres 2),whitney, cody,jennifer,bradley, whitney, alyssa, sean and jamie
are ur parents divorcedyesh
do u have n-e stepbrothers or sisters?yeah, 7
if so, whats their names and ageswhitney-8, cody-9, katelyn-6, alyssa-10, jennifer-4, sean- 24, jaime-30
do u like ur familyyesh sometimes
r u adoptedum yeah, by my dad, i never see my Bio dad i live withmy Bio mom and then theres my adoptive dad, yeah confusing
who gives the best hugsNick T.
who has the most problemsNick D. hahah or Paco
who is the most sportyprobably Paco
who is stupid...lots f my friends
most outgoinghmmm i dunno, either cristina or stepho
who is shyDANIELLE W. *points*
who is the smartestDanielle S. or Anna, its a toss up
who has the best taste in musicMe duh.....okay maybe stepho or Cristina. who knows
who can u relate to mostCrstina and Anna
who is the hottestthats a toughy
which friend has a crush on ui sadly do not know..TELL ME SOMEONE
who talks to u most onlineprobably either Ivette, Deena, or Cristina
who has the coolest clothes or the best fashion sensetoss up between Cristina and Anna
has alot of b/f-g/f'sStepho!! *points*
which friend is the tallestum i think im the tallest, not sure
skinniesthmm, ANNA!
is the most loyalAnna, Cristina and Danielle, and Stepho, probably more
gives the best adivcehmm Anna, stepho and Cristina
is a great listenerCristina and Anna and Danielle and Danielle
who have u been friends w/ the longesttechnically, Cristina, but we werent realyl FRIENDS, so i would say Anna
who is ur newest friendCRISTINA lmao that makes no sense, but in a way its true, and Stepho
do u tell ur friends everythingMost of the time, yesh
cusses the mosthmmm, i dont know
gets in trouble the mostStepho *point* and deena!!
has the prettiest eyesCRISTINA! that loser
great smilehmm i dunno
is the funniestall my friends are funny
is the best at cheering u up when ur downhmm anna, cristina, stepho, danielle and MANY others
is the best at writing poetryI dunno
which friend doesnt go to ur schoolIvette, Amy, Deena, Danielle, many others
is the weirdestANNA!
most dumb blondishdanielle
is a playernone i dont think
goes to ur house the mostdanielle!
what friends house do u go to the mostdanielle! haha
which friend is gay..i cant tell you that, sorry even though we arent friends anymore, i gotta keep that till the grave
isnt a virgini think all my friends are virgins
is the most popularno idea
stands up 4 u the mosthmm anna, alex, amanda, or cristina
which friend do u never wanna losepretty much all of them, Anna, Alex, Amanda, Callie, Cristina, Krystina, Stepho, paco, Nick Nick, danielle, danielle, MANT MANY, DEENA, MANY friends
is the most competitivedeena, me and her are competetive major
is the biggest computer freakIvette!
has the worst acne..psh leave me alone, its almost gone okay, I USE MEDICINCE, SUE ME
which friend is the most preppy..labels...
which friend is more countrypsh, Danielle, she calls herself a country girl so yeah
gets sick the mostCristina
who do u have the most fun withAll my friends, definiatly, we are crazy people
which friend IMed u lastCristina, saying how lame new years is gonna be
bandgreen day!!
singerBillie Joe Armstrong
c.d.psh too many to list
actressKeira Knightly
actorJonny Depp or Freddy Prinze Jr
authorhmm many
t.v. showthe Simpsons and CSI
foodpizza and nachos
candybutter finger!!
what flavor of candychocolate
perfumeuhh body spray?
cologneim a chick
dessertcookies and cream ice crem!
junkfoodcihips man chips, but i gotta stop eating those, my ACNE MUST ALL BE GONE
storehmmm Save mart?
mallSun Valley? i dunno
songSome Say bye sum 41
sportSoccer..8 years and counting
t.v. showdidnt i answer this?
radio station105.3
video gamethe simpsons road rage
game systemxbox
::x::tHiS oR tHaT::x::
hot or coldcold
me or youyou..n my bed, HEHE jk
deaf or blinddeaf
pepsi or cokepepsi
britney or christina or neitherNEITHER ewww
pink or blueblue
cake or piepie
bsb or n*syncnsync
mexican food, chinese food or pizzapizza AND mexican food
red sox or yankees or that football?
hugs or kisses or cuddlingheh ALL OF THE ABOVE,sheesh
love or lustlove
black or whitewhite
autumn or springspring
summer or winterwinter
snow or sleetsnow
skiing or snowboardingsnowboarding
boys or girlsboys
tall or shorttall
cars or minivanscars
reading or typingreading
nascar or nhldunno
friends or foefriends
college basketball or college football...uh either?
volleyball or basketballbasketball
t.v. or laptoplaptop
cell phone or home phonecell phone
chocolate or vanillavanilla
::x::what comes to mind when u see these words::x::
bluemy sisters stuffed animal
ur mommamy mom?
jesse mccartneycountry music
chad micheal murraykevin....
sleepuhh i dunno
frogmy frog
catevil beings
cappucinocoffe cups
cheesemelted cheese
beansi dunno
pretty lightschristmas
hot chocolateBURNING EYES
what are u wearingNOTHING, jk, im wearing a sweatshirt adn jeans
what are u eatingnothing
what are u drinkinnothing
what are u dointhis
what are u listening tocyndi lauper
who r u talkin toivette
do u have alot of money currentlynope
r u madyes...very
r u sadnope, ive given up on being sad
r u missing someonei was, not anymore
do u love someonenope
do u have a belt onnot right now
have u brushed ur teeth todaynot yet
do u have a cell phonesi

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</center OKay on to bigger and better situations, its New Years eve, WOOP DE DO? i guess so, idont have a new years resolution, well i guess i do, my new years resolution is to be more confident in myself and just be me and not letting other people get me down (*cough guys who are jerkoffs cough* yeah well have a NICE DAY
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