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time for another update eh?

So yeah my dad was pretty tict about that comment, i still think he is...I can't go to stepho's party, it majorly sucks cause her parties are so awesome!..grr, well she got the COOLEST birthday gift from yours truly HAHAHAHA thats kinda funny right there...

"Its cause im a slut and i should be in those ralleys i can shake my boobs and ass just as good if not BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" haha jk, inside joke, we were making fun of the skanky hoes who preformed in the ralley

yesterday was definatly one of the best days/fridays ive had in a VERY long time...double shot expressos with 4 packs of sugar is bad...very bad....especially when you are horny....lmfao

So theres like 5 birthdays on monday well no, i only know 3..i have to buy eddie poptarts..the smore kind..jeeze the things i do for people! and bekah i dunno what to get her, and i never see jamo so i dont have to get him anything HAHA kicked to the jk ill send him a text or something saying happy birthday lol

i bet you 5 bucks my dad is going to read this lalala well people nothing more to say so laterdays
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