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stupid other LJ wont WORK [09 Mar 2005|03:38pm]
my other one isnt working so im posting here untillt he other one does

well some dude got shot and died adn im not exactly sure who he is but its kinda sad you know? i know some people who know him and they were all sad and crying and im just like "who was this guy?" i heard about it way before a lot of people so when people started talking about it, i wasnt surprised but then i was like "i wish i knew what he looked like atleast" but yeah

Progress Report- A in PE C in english B in spanish A in acting C in science C+ (almost a B) in math and B in academic literacy

if you ask me, thats lame

its been nice weather lately, i mean its cold but hot and i love wearing shorts cause its the closest thing to being naked i can get to without being arrested. Robert and Me are gonna come to school on the last day naked, we might wear leaves or something haha but all the clothing im gonna wear is shoes, thats it, and maybe leaves, and robert might wear a tank top and thats it. but yeah that will be on the very last day of highschool. i think we're really gonna do it, i want to, i stil have to come in my bathring suit and take a shower hahahaha

i might be goiong to golden hills church soon, bleh i dunno, well im gona go bye
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Important notice [14 Feb 2005|04:37pm]
Alright, its been made the new LJ, the link is in a private entry so only friends can read it, and its the entry before this. To all who cant read it, "hit me up" for the link alright? later

[13 Feb 2005|10:00am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Alright, got SOME sleep last night, i slept the hole night through, no tossing or turning but i woke up sooo early *sigh* ever since those 2 medium sized coffee things from panama bay coffee co. ive felt a lot better, coffee works miracles, seirously i slightly still feel like shit but whatever, i almost had an emotional break down on friday, god, im starting to realize so much, im so confused though...i dont know what to believe anymore, i dont know what to do....

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.. [10 Feb 2005|08:18pm]
well supposedly i need medication because they think i "suffer from depression" so i wont be surprised if i go to the docter soon to get that medicine...great..and supposedly i talk down to people and i shouldnt have the friends that i have cause im most likely rude to them as well...oh and i need to start talking the way i write because its much more proper and sounds better...whatever

im changing my LJ name just so you all know, "hit me up" for the link
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Quotes/Moments of the week! [10 Feb 2005|05:27pm]
[ mood | drained ]

1. Mr.H- everything that causes heat is vibrating
me- ooo VIBRATION!!
2. Me- cristina, that string was from my panties
Critina- OOO im keeping that!
3. Me- yeah PE lets stretch, here grab my leg
Deena- *grabs my leg*
Me- AHHH not that high *falls backwards*
Deena- how about the other leg?
Me- okay!
4. Me- thats its you already have 2 strikes, 3 strikes your out!
Cristina- i just saw you for the first time today like 3 min ago, WHAT DID I DO?!?!
Me- dont act all innocent!

More to come...

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..blah [06 Feb 2005|07:19pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i'm so sick of feeling like this, its like just out of nowhere my emotions catch up with me, i feel lonely yet there are peaple around. Yeah iknow im probably just complaining and feeling sorry for myself, dont read if you dont want, dont listen, im usedto it. The thing is though, not many people connect on my level, everyone is so happy and everythign and so am i most of the time but what are these random feelings of crap? why do i feel like i could just cry at any moment, burst into tears, break a window? days go by and i dont even know who i am. how do people see me? do they even know im there? yeah i have my friends but i cant help but think maybe im just there to make their crowed look bigger. Now don't get me wrong im a very social person and i have many friends but its like they are distant and theres only a few who you can really talk to.Theres this guy i even started taking interest in, i mean we talked and stuff and we were cool but i dunno, it seems like he doesnt care, THATS HOWIT ALWAYS START, they care and then they lose interest. What is so wrong with me? why can't i get a boyfriend? Why cant i be cool with myparents? why cant i relate to my friends? why wont this emotional roller coaster stop....ive never felt this way, all last year i couldnt wait to be where i am, well now i want to go back to where i was, back to a different day..i know many of you probably just think im a pathetic loser who feeds off sympathy but im not, thats allni have to say for now..

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time for another update eh? [05 Feb 2005|08:04am]
[ mood | tired ]

So yeah my dad was pretty tict about that comment, i still think he is...I can't go to stepho's party, it majorly sucks cause her parties are so awesome!..grr, well she got the COOLEST birthday gift from yours truly HAHAHAHA thats kinda funny right there...

"Its cause im a slut and i should be in those ralleys i can shake my boobs and ass just as good if not BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" haha jk, inside joke, we were making fun of the skanky hoes who preformed in the ralley

yesterday was definatly one of the best days/fridays ive had in a VERY long time...double shot expressos with 4 packs of sugar is bad...very bad....especially when you are horny....lmfao

So theres like 5 birthdays on monday well no, i only know 3..i have to buy eddie poptarts..the smore kind..jeeze the things i do for people! and bekah i dunno what to get her, and i never see jamo so i dont have to get him anything HAHA kicked to the curb....lol jk ill send him a text or something saying happy birthday lol

i bet you 5 bucks my dad is going to read this lalala well people nothing more to say so laterdays

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*sigh* [31 Jan 2005|07:24pm]
[ mood | blank ]

got my report card.......3 A's and 4 B's, im happy and all but i would settle for better, nyeh oh well, i tried....
i think im becoming insomniac, like very slowely though..i cant seem to sleep at all, i go to bed (on weekdays) around 9:30 10 and then i wake up and 3 in themorning and dont fall back asleep and on weekends i go to bed around 1 and then i wake up at 5!!! jeeze im so tired, yet IM HYPER..im always hyper, well except when it comes to people i dont talk to that much, like if i talk to them on the phone...i become un hyper and not quite sure what to say but that changes...lol some of you may know what im talking about well nothing really to say, laterdays

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///JHSIUHRIUBF [28 Jan 2005|04:51pm]
im in a bad mood, i dunno why, nothing even really happened...well i dunno the brats wouldnt let me on the computer god, i hate kids....you know i have absoulutley no trust now for my dad or tamie anymore, see im pretty sure tami got the link to my LJ through my SN cause it was there for special reasons, dont ask. So i think she has been reading it and she must have seen that little coment about my da dhaving a stick up his arse and showed it to him. Well itsokay it is a open journal for the hole internet to see but the fact is that he shouldnt get all tict about it, i mean it was my personal thoughts right? its so annoying i mean the only reason that i write in here is so they dont read the one i write in thats in my room, i just cant get away can i? i mean theres really no difference between reading this one and the one i actually right in! and he says that its disrespectfull, well it is but i was venting, i was expressing how i feel, parents are hipocrits i swear! and all this talk about "you need to let your emotions out and stop bottleing them up" WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK I WAS DOING? purposly saying that for no reason? i feel like crap right now, i really do, i dont want to be here, i want to be off somewhere i feel like i need to freaking cry or something jeeze. i dont feel like using paragraphs right now, get over it. People make me mad, they really do i mean look at them, a lot of people think they are better than this person or better than that person, its a bunch of CRAP. Math......shut up, it sucks DIE DIE DIE...im gona vent fill free to read on but it probably wont make sense

if they said it to you would you feel the way i do?
would you care to share the feelings you feel?
everything happens for a reason or so they say
who can guarantee ill make it another day
the words they say go in and out of my mind
i dont care what they say who they want to find
yeah ryming sucks but i dont care
sit around with my music watch the world with a glare
everyday everynight it goes by so fast
never ever will i forget the past
the blood stained future is ahead
pretty soon ill be old, maybe ill be dead
will we survive the rest of our lives?
look in their eyes, see what they see
nothing not an image of thee
they see the outside but not within
you look alright happy and smiling to them
no one can ever manage up to the level of feelings you have
i could care less about you about them, everything i had
down the drain it falls, sleeping through my hands
i try to reach out and grab it and pull it back
grip is something that i lack
on and on this goes

here i go again traveling the world of sin and i dont really care. everything you said to me is a bunch of crap, ill never forgive you justwalk away and forget it, dont talk to me i dont need your sympathy. id like to cut my eyelids and watch the insides bleed but thats something thatll never happen, whatever. just go and go on and on about your own life who cared about anything else, i hate you, i really do. who am i implying this to? WHO THE HELL KNOWS? i dont just rambeling my thoughts going a mile a minute, i dont even know what im typing, im not looking at the keyboard , im watching the screen and seeing the words go by one by one, i cant control what letter gets typed next, do you believe this? or do you think im making up like the rest of the world?

In the end it doesnt matter

//////// allright i know that didnt make sense but i jut needed to let everything go, its a bunch of crap and isnt directed towards anyone in particular..thanks

_ Me_
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N-O-N-E [25 Jan 2005|04:39pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

...*thinks* well today was kinda interesting, we are learning mythology nowin English so we took a pretest so she could see how much we knew about it before we begun, heh well lets just say that i did so well that i named eacho memeber of green day atleast once for an answer haha "who was the god of the underworld" my answer- Billie Joe haha, wellididnt use his name for that question but it was some weird question like that, very interesting eh? i only got like 2 right lmao

I think my and cristina should buy tons of poptarts and just bring them to school everyday, we can be the poptart kids. haha jk

I have to ask my el padre if i can go to improv on friday, jeeze i dunno, hopefully he'll let me, i swear sometimes i wanna hire someone to pull the stick out of his ass and beat him with it haha

for some reason, lately ive been listening to my music and relating songs to almost eeryone i know, like ill be listening and ill start thinking about one specific person, ive never really done tht before but its cool

dude i still want my freaking chicken noodle soup, i WILL get it haha its like my goal in life, well not really.....if i become quote un quote "sick" will somebody buy me some? lol

well nothiong else to talk abotu...sara dont make fun of me!!!! ;-P lol later

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hey hey OLE [24 Jan 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey peoples,whats been el shaking? errr i got mostly B's for my grades, i guess i should be happy but im kinda not i mean in middle school i always got A's and ONE B so i never had a 4.0 or anything but i dont want all B's.....its so annoying but i should be happy i guess i mean im not failing right? jeeze, i dunno....

stepho and nick are so cute together, Im happy for you guys!!!

Christo, love the hair man! how many people asked you "did you die your hair?" haha thats so funny.....WHY are the broad movements devorced? they cant be!! they are liek GLUE..egh hmmm looks like they still have our PE period though, kinda shnazzy i plan to have many more funny accurances 2nd semester!

Anna, did you read the notebook? haha dude we should hell of talk in there more cause we dont get much time for US to just talk, i mean heh we are best friends and we dont even really talk, well we do but yeah, we need DEPTH in our talkings LMAO im such a loser but yeah luv ya chick! (errr not like that)

So i dont really know what else to write in here, remember the days when i had this HUGE long paragraph filled with useless crap? well i cant seem to write about anything like tht anymore, and i use multiple paragraghs. HEY i used a period...i dont fancy those to well but if it makes the paragraph make more sense then hey why not?...maybe ineed to spend some more time in English, who knows...

i feel like i dunno im SOOO hyper right now just liek out of nowhere, its weird, kinda but yeah i dunno i didnt have any coffee.......or did i and do i just not remmeber? whatever

drastic mood swings, i got from hyper to not in like 0.2 seconds haha maybe not that fast but you get me well later people..


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YES BIATCHES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [21 Jan 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

!!! I DID IT!!!! i got a B IN MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!! i got 50 out of 60 cause she graded on a curve and then she put my score in for my lowest tests grade (as she did with everyones) and now i have a B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so fucking happy i love you all!!! yes you there with the red shirt, i love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha dude im so happy....anywhoo

So yeah thats all i need to say, later

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ummm HI? [20 Jan 2005|04:50pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

......49 out of 50 on acting final, YES YES YES, danielle we were awesome!!! We had to act out a scence from a play and we NAILED IT!! we were so good, ive never been happier with a preformance I have done! He said the only reason we didn't get 50 is cause he was totally impressed but he said we did extremely well and I just need to work on my tone a little but YES! okay now alls I have to see is the results from math...Jeeze

Tomorrow I have to babysitt...lemme think...5 kids...someone help me!!!

I really need to get in shape for soccer man, dude i haven't ran for a long period of time in a while, im getting SLOOWWWWW my stamina right now is like ZILCH

pst, what else should i say?

my orange shoes are fading, that kinda ticts me off cause they are a dull orange now...sucks

well thats all i have to say, i guess nothing interesting has gone on so ta ta

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......FRUSTERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18 Jan 2005|04:55pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

...........SHIT SHIT SHIT, alright get this, i took algebra 1 over again cause i thought it would be better so i could get an A instead of a D like last year, well get this, im DOING WORSE THAN I WS LAST YEAR!! see i had an A all last year but then we had a sub the last like 2 months and everything went downhill and i got a D, well now i had a B for a while and then it went down to a C- and i cant get it up to a B, and in order to get it to a B for the semeseter, i have to get 52 out of 60 on the test, AHHHHH my mom's not only freaking but so am i cause i feel stupid!!, maybe i fucking am, who knows....whatever

I get out at 12:35 all week, YES YES YES

Stepho came over on sunday, we got in a huge fight with tyler, I won cause he ran out of comments, face it tyler im a better verbal fighter than you'll ever be! heh im good

me and kevin are talking again, dude ivette we do act like...you know eh? jeeze weird I STILL THINK THAT MAN....dude i do hahaha i hope not, but i think we will anyways

i think thats pretty much all I have to say cause i dont feel like typing and typing and typing so ellatero

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psh psh psh [06 Jan 2005|07:33pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hey peoples. nothing mucho here, if you didnt notice, that hate letter didnt really go over to well, he didnt care, as i figured, i guess thats his problem right? anyways

I was gonna try out for the musical at school but um yeah i dont sing that well so im not

that stupid air hockey table is in my room, its annoying cause the kids and everyone are in there, uggghhh its annoying its only temporary now, im gonna cry, not really, im such an emo kid sometimes, what can i say?

hmmmmmm what else? not much really.......HI how are you? great, nice to meet you, LETS FLY TO CANADA...er maybe not
Im in a really good mood today
()() AHHHHHH okay, i duno what that is, im kind of hyper, hmmmmmmmmmmm i want soup, yes chicken noodle soup, right now but i dont have any, i have super comfy PJs on,they are soo comfy, and theres room for another person to come in, haha jk isnt that spiffy?

anyways, thats all i really have to say, i like being in a good mood, but i like being tict even more sometimes, too bad i dont have kevin around for that anymore, oh well its for the betteer, Bible- never let the sun go down when you are angry. You know, if someone makes you angry, the other person has won sp um yeah HI, I WIN

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Ahem [01 Jan 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

() go out with me?
() give me your number?
() have sex with me?
() let me kiss you?
() watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one?
() let me take you out to dinner?
() drive me somewhere/anywhere?
() take a shower with me?
() be my bf/gf?
() have a fling with me?
() listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
() buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
() take me home for the night?
() would you let me sleep in your bed?
() sing car kareoke w/ me?
() sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
() re-post this for me to answer your questions?
() let me give you a piggyback ride?
() come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
Im gonna keep this in untill 3 people do it, at least

woop. okay anyways, SOMEONE...i wont mention any names, you know who you are, HAS DEF steamed me, i mean, you block someone, and yet they still piss you off,i mean do they EVER stop??God. People are such dicks, when are they going to open their eyes and realize that the world doesnt revolve around them? I was stupid, i shouldve never talked to him after the first time i blocked him, aslls he did, and alls he will ever do is put me down, i mean LOOK AT YOURSEF kevin, LOOK at yourself, you notcie everyones faults except your own, yeah ijust mentioned who it was, i dont care, Kevin, i hate you, i hate you i hate you i hate you, i havent hated anyone since donnie, well you know what, I HATE YOU, ive cried over you, ive loved you, i tried to be a friend to you, but what did you do? treat me like shit!, your so called "friends", you dont deserve them, they are better than you, everyone is, alls you do is degrade people, you pick at their minds untill they cant take it, and you know what, im not dumb, i WAS dumb, dumb for talking to you again, dumb for always coming back, dumb for seeing a good person in you, you;ve taught me how to not trust people and what hate means, even now, you still continue, you never stop kevin, you never fucking stop, i hope one day you feel as much pain as i do, i hope someone emotionally stabs you, i hope you feel the way i do right now, SO much ANGER, and when you do, i hope you think of me, and feel guilty and regretfullness, im realizing things about you that ive never realized before, you are a rich snob who thinks everyone is lower than you, i hope you dont treat your friends like you did me, they dont deserve it, you dont deserve them, repetition, i know, you tell me to get a life, maybe you are the one who needs one kevin, think about it, how can you live with yourself? ive held this in for so long, if i didnt say this, id livein regret for the rest of my life, i was pathetic, you;re right, i should have never been the way i was towards you, i wouldve done anything you ask, heh real pathetic, well kevin, it doesnt matter anymore, ive changed, YEAH CHANGED, people change kevin, get over it, i hope you are reading this, now you know how i feel, sometimes i would like nothing more to see you in pain and suffer, id like nothing to see you cry and actually FEEL how i feel, but you never will, you're too "good" for that eh? yeah, and you know what, ive kept your secrets, i always will, i bet you are laughing thinking this is fucking hillarious, i bet it is to you, well kevin, i hope one day you think back and remember this, because you made me feel horrible, but im moving past that now, Good bye

Okay, im glad i said that, ive been keeping that in for a while, but whatever, well im gonna go so ttyl people

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damn...school in 3 days [31 Dec 2004|11:37am]
[ mood | hopeful ]


well our vacation slowely comes to an end...GRRRR, i hate traditional schooling, it was way better with Year Around, we would go to school for 3 months and then be off school for a month, go to schoool for 3 months, be off for a month, we did that liek 3 times, we would get most of july and auggust off for summer, yeah its not 3 months, but who wants to wait that long for a break?? MY BRAIN IS FRYING HERE, i cant take soo much school jeeze! Good thing i really only have 3 more years of standard schooling, heh when im in collage, maybe i wont have to go to school EVERYDAY at 8 in the freaking morning...one can wish

People are totally oblivious, i dont get it....

Im copying this from cristina, cause i think i said i would when i answerd it SO DO THIS NOW

() go out with me?
() give me your number?
() have sex with me?
() let me kiss you?
() watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one?
() let me take you out to dinner?
() drive me somewhere/anywhere?
() take a shower with me?
() be my bf/gf?
() have a fling with me?
() listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
() buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
() take me home for the night?
() would you let me sleep in your bed?
() sing car kareoke w/ me?
() sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
() re-post this for me to answer your questions?
() let me give you a piggyback ride?
() come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?


a VERY long quiz

Created by xblondeebabi142x and taken 38 times on bzoink!

first nameTiffany
middle nameAlisa...thats UH lisa not Alyssa
last nameMcClelland
were u named after n-e onemy mom's best friend Alisa
nickname(s)Tiffo, Jimmy, Laurdes, Tifferoonie, Tiff, Tiffy, Tiffers, Tiff Bloaf
age and birthdate14. May 9th
zodiac signTaurus
hair colorbrown iwth natural blonde highlights
hair lengthto the middle of my back
height5'7 or 5'8 not sure
weight (optional)i acutally do not know
eye colorblue
glasses or contactsglasses for reading
do you have n-e peircingstwo, in my ears, i shall get more
do u have n-e tattoosnot yet
lefty/righty/ambidextriousambidextrous, kinda, long story
do u have n-e obsessionsmaybe...
n-e addictions?not that i know of
can u speak another languagedoes pig latin count?
::x::lOvE <3::x::
do you have a b/f-g/f...
if so whats the lucky girl/boy's name?more ..... dots
do u have a crushyesh of course
if so, whats his/her name.... LOOK OVER THERE>>>
does he/she kno that u like him/hernopeness
have u ever kissed somebodyyou jsut had to rbing that up...NO okay, sue me
o0o who did u lock lips wit....RUB IT IN LOSER
when was ur last b/f - g/flike 2 months ago
who was ur last g/f - b/f...someone
how long did it lastless than 24 hours HAHA
who do u live withEven time with mom and dad
whats ur moms nameronda
whats ur dads namerodney
do u have n-e siblingsyesh
how many11...long story, i dont have any full siblings
whats their age(s)1,3,4,6,8,9,9,10,10,24,30
whats their name(s)jack, marissa, katelyn, katelyn (yes theres 2),whitney, cody,jennifer,bradley, whitney, alyssa, sean and jamie
are ur parents divorcedyesh
do u have n-e stepbrothers or sisters?yeah, 7
if so, whats their names and ageswhitney-8, cody-9, katelyn-6, alyssa-10, jennifer-4, sean- 24, jaime-30
do u like ur familyyesh sometimes
r u adoptedum yeah, by my dad, i never see my Bio dad i live withmy Bio mom and then theres my adoptive dad, yeah confusing
who gives the best hugsNick T.
who has the most problemsNick D. hahah or Paco
who is the most sportyprobably Paco
who is stupid...lots f my friends
most outgoinghmmm i dunno, either cristina or stepho
who is shyDANIELLE W. *points*
who is the smartestDanielle S. or Anna, its a toss up
who has the best taste in musicMe duh.....okay maybe stepho or Cristina. who knows
who can u relate to mostCrstina and Anna
who is the hottestthats a toughy
which friend has a crush on ui sadly do not know..TELL ME SOMEONE
who talks to u most onlineprobably either Ivette, Deena, or Cristina
who has the coolest clothes or the best fashion sensetoss up between Cristina and Anna
has alot of b/f-g/f'sStepho!! *points*
which friend is the tallestum i think im the tallest, not sure
skinniesthmm, ANNA!
is the most loyalAnna, Cristina and Danielle, and Stepho, probably more
gives the best adivcehmm Anna, stepho and Cristina
is a great listenerCristina and Anna and Danielle and Danielle
who have u been friends w/ the longesttechnically, Cristina, but we werent realyl FRIENDS, so i would say Anna
who is ur newest friendCRISTINA lmao that makes no sense, but in a way its true, and Stepho
do u tell ur friends everythingMost of the time, yesh
cusses the mosthmmm, i dont know
gets in trouble the mostStepho *point* and deena!!
has the prettiest eyesCRISTINA! that loser
great smilehmm i dunno
is the funniestall my friends are funny
is the best at cheering u up when ur downhmm anna, cristina, stepho, danielle and MANY others
is the best at writing poetryI dunno
which friend doesnt go to ur schoolIvette, Amy, Deena, Danielle, many others
is the weirdestANNA!
most dumb blondishdanielle
is a playernone i dont think
goes to ur house the mostdanielle!
what friends house do u go to the mostdanielle! haha
which friend is gay..i cant tell you that, sorry even though we arent friends anymore, i gotta keep that till the grave
isnt a virgini think all my friends are virgins
is the most popularno idea
stands up 4 u the mosthmm anna, alex, amanda, or cristina
which friend do u never wanna losepretty much all of them, Anna, Alex, Amanda, Callie, Cristina, Krystina, Stepho, paco, Nick Nick, danielle, danielle, MANT MANY, DEENA, MANY friends
is the most competitivedeena, me and her are competetive major
is the biggest computer freakIvette!
has the worst acne..psh leave me alone, its almost gone okay, I USE MEDICINCE, SUE ME
which friend is the most preppy..labels...
which friend is more countrypsh, Danielle, she calls herself a country girl so yeah
gets sick the mostCristina
who do u have the most fun withAll my friends, definiatly, we are crazy people
which friend IMed u lastCristina, saying how lame new years is gonna be
bandgreen day!!
singerBillie Joe Armstrong
c.d.psh too many to list
actressKeira Knightly
actorJonny Depp or Freddy Prinze Jr
authorhmm many
t.v. showthe Simpsons and CSI
foodpizza and nachos
candybutter finger!!
what flavor of candychocolate
perfumeuhh body spray?
cologneim a chick
dessertcookies and cream ice crem!
junkfoodcihips man chips, but i gotta stop eating those, my ACNE MUST ALL BE GONE
storehmmm Save mart?
mallSun Valley? i dunno
songSome Say bye sum 41
sportSoccer..8 years and counting
t.v. showdidnt i answer this?
radio station105.3
video gamethe simpsons road rage
game systemxbox
::x::tHiS oR tHaT::x::
hot or coldcold
me or youyou..n my bed, HEHE jk
deaf or blinddeaf
pepsi or cokepepsi
britney or christina or neitherNEITHER ewww
pink or blueblue
cake or piepie
bsb or n*syncnsync
mexican food, chinese food or pizzapizza AND mexican food
red sox or yankees or tigers..is that football?
hugs or kisses or cuddlingheh ALL OF THE ABOVE,sheesh
love or lustlove
black or whitewhite
autumn or springspring
summer or winterwinter
snow or sleetsnow
skiing or snowboardingsnowboarding
boys or girlsboys
tall or shorttall
cars or minivanscars
reading or typingreading
nascar or nhldunno
friends or foefriends
college basketball or college football...uh either?
volleyball or basketballbasketball
t.v. or laptoplaptop
cell phone or home phonecell phone
chocolate or vanillavanilla
::x::what comes to mind when u see these words::x::
bluemy sisters stuffed animal
ur mommamy mom?
jesse mccartneycountry music
chad micheal murraykevin....
sleepuhh i dunno
frogmy frog
catevil beings
cappucinocoffe cups
cheesemelted cheese
beansi dunno
pretty lightschristmas
hot chocolateBURNING EYES
what are u wearingNOTHING, jk, im wearing a sweatshirt adn jeans
what are u eatingnothing
what are u drinkinnothing
what are u dointhis
what are u listening tocyndi lauper
who r u talkin toivette
do u have alot of money currentlynope
r u madyes...very
r u sadnope, ive given up on being sad
r u missing someonei was, not anymore
do u love someonenope
do u have a belt onnot right now
have u brushed ur teeth todaynot yet
do u have a cell phonesi

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</center OKay on to bigger and better situations, its New Years eve, WOOP DE DO? i guess so, idont have a new years resolution, well i guess i do, my new years resolution is to be more confident in myself and just be me and not letting other people get me down (*cough guys who are jerkoffs cough* yeah well have a NICE DAY
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Bitches, yeah BITCHES, thats what I said [23 Dec 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | sore ]

...I think im becoming obsessed with the word bitch, i use it a lot haha, i dunno...any ways

I puts pictures of myself in my profile, God im ugly... i spent like the entire day putting pics of me and my friends, i only have 2 of me, and they dont even really look like me, weird eh? well they were from 2 years ago, but im still ugly...anyways ill find some more to put in there later

I miss the old days

What would life be like if i didnt go through some of the stuff that i did? what if i never met any of the people iknow now? where would i be? what if i was born a year before i was, or a year after, would everything still be the same? life makes you wonder sometimes, i like to sit and ponder it, but it never gets you anywhere, i feel like just flowing right now, if you know what i mean, so im just going to type, im not going to comprehend or think about it, im just gonna flow

sometimes things dont turn out, the world flips over to a different side, a side you do not know, what does that mean for you? are you lost? does it pass you by as if you arent there? one day the feelings lurking inside your body clenching your soul, will disapear and you will be set free, or will you? does everything happen for a reason? sometimes you find yourself circling around in your head, never stopping for a second, but is that just a waist of time? does your body intend to do the things it does? are we all captured by a supernatural being? on the days you feel like crying tears of blood to watch the pain slip away, will it really help? Does anything really help you?

In the darkness i hear you call
I try as I might, but I always fall
Hear the blood drip drop from yourself
Deception is the key to everything
Your mascara will always bleed for happiness is gone
Your own soul wants to leave you all your pros and cons
The sharpest tool cuts the least
The deepest emotion declares defeat
You will never see around the world
In your life, a simple blur
Misunderstandings go the wrong way
Darkness is the new day today
Watching you, telling your story with their eyes
They dont know, its all their lies
Dont belive, they'll all decieve you
They think they know you
In reality you don't know do you?
Place the emotions aside
Look up, say Good Bye
Give into him, he strives on your pain
Afterall, theres nothing to gain
Take it, hear the cries
Lost in a world of deception and lies
Is it really gone you ask yourself
Moistness finds its way, never seeing the light of day

Alright, i know thats kinda weird and didnt make sense, but i feel better now, i like to flow like that, if you know what i mean, half the time, idont even know what im typig till after i read it, its really weird...almost christmas, i dont even know what day it is lol well i have nothing to say, so later

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NONE [22 Dec 2004|09:14am]
[ mood | curious ]

What superpower(s) would you recieve after being hit with cosmic energy?
Favourite Color
Your super power is You are immune to fire. But, your clothes are not
The color of your costume is Pink
Your side-kick is An elephant that is afraid of the dark
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HAHAHAHA ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!!, i do love fire though....hehehehe I SHALL SET YOU ABLAZE

...here we go again, well Take my radio and bathe bitch [21 Dec 2004|09:03am]
[ mood | crappy ]

...im too nice to people, i can't help but think, was kevin right once again? God his words will haunt me for life, i know thats what he wants too, he gets so much pleasure out of other people, its scary, i really want to IM him but then i dont because then that would just prove his point, im just too freaking nice, i just want to say "hey merry xmas" and thats it, but i cant do it, im forcing myself not too, i wont this time, i know im stronger than my wants lol i sound like a freaking heroin addict or something..which reminds me

Dont read the book "smack" its stupid!, it didnt end a way i wanted too, i mean it was kind of a good edning, but God, it could have been better

Courtney love is good, ilike her singing a lot, i dunno why, one day i just clicked on one of her songs, and then i fell in love with her music

im depressed right now,i dont know why, im so easily emotionalized i guess you can say, im probably an emo kid haha whatever

ivette i opened your present since you already told me what it was, you're still my besterest friend too, well you and Anna and Danielle, and Deena and Alex and so many more lmao but it does sck that we dont hang as much but atleast we did!!, dude if you do my xanga. i want it like orange and black or red and black or grey and black, you choose haha, but yeah, dude hb will NEVER END, he will haunt us untill we die, kinda like kevin will haunt me forever, that WHORE gosh, no that was mean and uncalled for lmao, kevin was cool, but he kinda threw his "coolness" away in my book, he just i dunno was an ass to me, he will never change but enough about that, you will get over HB eventually, but it will haunt you forever, sadly thats the truth
anyways, life goes on for the most part, we should hang more, seriously, your absent is liek WOAH haha last year was better i think, except the guys were uglier, but we had everyone there, and we were all just together you know? god im killing myself writing this, how freaking cheesy am i? dude, what the heck is wrong with me today? AHHHHHH help me!!!, well i see my councelor very soon, so its okin fact, when do i see my councelor...brb let me go checkthe 27th, woo good, i need it, seriously, im falling apart well emotionally

anyways, i stole annas little men, heh, sorry anna,i have your gift for the bazlillionth time,ithink i keep telling you so maybe you will think of some way of me getting it to you because i dont know LMAO maybe i should like drop it off in your mailbox or soemthing, same with yours ivettes and mayeb steph-o's, who knows sheesh, i duno how im gonna get nick his birthday pres, sheesh how depressing well...

....i think thats all i have for now so yeah later people

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